Why Use Synthetic Oil?

Oil does more than just reduce friction and wear. Oil serves as a vital coolant in an engine. Keeping parts cool and well lubricated enables parts to last longer, so we spray oil on our valve springs, camshafts and pistons to keep them cool. The high temperatures on these parts would cause conventional oils to breakdown much faster than synthetic oil. Conventional base oils can handle up to 320°F operating temperatures, but synthetic base oils can handle up to 554°F operating temperatures. The improved thermal stability of synthetic oil provides increased oil longevity. These shear stable oils allow us to safely run lower viscosity oils that increase horsepower – without the danger of viscosity breakdown. Joe Gibbs Driven racing oils maintain their viscosity even after 500 miles of competition, so our parts stay cool and well lubricated.

Using a good synthetic oil is only half the battle to a well maintained engine. Read our section “Extend Your Engine’s Life” to further your understanding of good engine maintenance. Then find out the secrets the pros use to get the most out of their oil and save money by reading “When Should I Change My Oil” and “Should I Change My Oil Filter“.

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