Extend Your Engine’s Life

Good Oil + Kept Clean = Longer Engine Life.

Over 50% off all machine failures are related to contamination, so keeping your oil system clean can extend your engine’s life. Also, parts must be clean when they are assembled and whenever maintenance is performed. Joe Gibbs Driven cleaners provide fast and effective cleaning for your critical components.

The most cost effective way to keep your oil system clean is frequent filter changes. When you remove the filter, you remove the contaminants from the oil system. Contamination can come from inside the engine as well as from outside the engine. Premium quality oils resist oxidation and nitration which creates harmful contaminants, so premium lubricants have a longer service life. Frequently changing the filter and topping off the oil level keeps the oil clean and fresh. This results in reduced engine wear, reduced oil purchases, and reduced waste oil for disposal. By changing your oil filter every race, even dirt and methanol fueled cars can run more races between oil changes. Here’s how to do it. After each race, warm up the engine, and change the oil filter. Replace the oil lost during the filter change by topping off the oil level. Keep changing the oil filter and topping off the oil level until you’ve run 5 races. After 5 races, change the oil and filter, and start the process over. By changing the filter frequently, you reduce the contaminants in the oil system. By reducing the contaminants, you reduce wear and extend the oil drain interval.

Maintenance is key to extend your engine’s life. Find out in some of the next sections how to save money and get the most out of your oil.  See “When Should I Change My Oil” “Should I Change My Oil Filter” to learn more.

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