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717-0266 #1

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Citrol Cleaner & Degreaser 12OZ Can

Part# 717-0266

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Citrol® Concentrate is a concentrated heavy-duty, water dilultable, emulsifiable, industrial strength, biodegradable, citrus base cleaner and degreaser. Citrol® Concentrate is designed for use in almost any industrial, transportation or general plant maintenance cleaning and degreasing operation. Citrol® Concentrate is an excellent replacement for hazardous aliphatic, aromatic, chlorinated, fluorocarbon, alkaline, acidic or petroleum solvent base cleaners and degreasers. Citrol® Concentrate is specially formulated from a combination of organic citrus based solvents and a multi-component surfactant-emulsifier system. This unique combination provides Citrol® Concentrate with the ability to rapidly penetrate and remove a wide range of different soils, dirt and inks. Citrol® Concentrate’s formulation does not contain any unacceptable petroleum distillates, petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated or chlorofluorocarbon type solvents. When used in a concentrated form or at the recommended dilution ratios with water Citrol® Concentrate will provide the following benefits and features:
1. Rapid penetration of built-up grease, dirt, grime, oil, inks and rubber
2. Fast grease and soil cutting action
3. Wetting and removal of soils from the surface being cleaned
4. A high degree of solvency
5. Excellent oil rejecting properties
6. Excellent removal of heavy greases, carbonized oils, oily deposits, tar, asphalt and bituminous deposits
7. Protection of metal surfaces from rusting and corrosion during cleaning
8. Excellent rinseability and washability
9. Biodegradable and waste treatable
10.Contains no chlorinated or petroleum solvents