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554-HJ38 #1

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1.50" Radiator Hose Joiner 2.125" Oal

PEGASUS  |  Part# 554-HJ38

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These anodized aluminum joiner nipples are designed for splicing together our 38mm (1 1/2") ID silicone coolant or turbo intake hose. Use them to connect any two 38mm ID hoses: an elbow to a straight section, a straight section to a reducer, or two elbows.

To install, simply slip one hose over one end of the nipple until it just touches the centering bead. Slip the second hose over the other end until the two hoses meet in the middle. Add hose clamps for a secure, leak-free connection!

Each end of the joiner has multiple small ridges on the outside, plus one large bead at the end to ensure good retention when used with our lined hose clamps (Part No. 506-705-1213, sold separately). The ridges and the backside of the bead are carefully radiused to avoid cutting into the hose. A single bead in the center helps you to center the joiner between the two hoses. For a nice finishing touch, the inside diameter has a small elliptical radius at each end to minimize resistance to fluid flow. 2 1/8" long overall. Designed and manufactured in the USA from 6061-T6 aluminum and protected with a mil-spec clear satin anodizing for outstanding corrosion resistance. Sold individually.

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