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554-E9045BLACK6 #1
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1.75" Id 90° 6" Legs Silicone Radiator E

PEGASUS  |  Part# 554-E9045BLACK6

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Our silicone hose is built for endurance and performance in custom coolant and intake plumbing applications. Each hose is hand-crafted from multiple layers of silicone rubber with polyester reinforcing fabric between the layers. The silicone rubber remains flexible and tough from -50° C to +180° C (-58° F to 356° F).

This Midnight Black 90 degree elbow has a 1 3/4" ID with a smooth, shiny "wipe-down" finish. The legs measure 150mm (5.9") long (measured from the centerline of the opposite leg). The 3-ply reinforcement results in a working pressure rating in excess of 35 psi and a 4.5mm wall thickness (54mm / 2 1/8" OD). Use our Hose Joiners (HJ45) and our Lined Hose Clamps (Part No. 506-705-1213) to construct the exact shapes you need.

Note: This hose is NOT formulated for use in oil or fuel plumbing applications. It will handle an air-fuel mixture and will survive occasional spills and oil leaks, but it will not stand up to continuous exposure to liquid petroleum.

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