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870-12011331 #1

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Forged Sl4 Caliper 1.88/1.75 Pistons 1.2

WILWOOD DISC BRAKES  |  Part# 870-12011331

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FSLI4 and FSLI4/ST calipers provide the pad wear performance advantages of differential bore pistons with the option for ultimate heat protection using Thermlock® pistons in the ST models. Differential piston bores compensate for leading-edge mechanical loading and temperature variances across the pad face to reduce pad taper wear in sustained high temperature applications. Thermlock® pistons in the ST models block heat transfer from the pads and reduce temperatures in the caliper, fluid, and seals by up to 25% over standard stainless steel pistons. These are the go-to calipers for all types sustained hard braking on dirt and asphalt ovals and a wide range of off-road, rally and road course applications.

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