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ROTOR-ALUM Front Drilled 10.20 X .310 3

WILWOOD DISC BRAKES  |  Part# 870-1603411

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Wilwoods 3 hole mount rotors are precision CNC machined from high strength billet plate. Full symmetrical machining provides perfect balance, perfect flatness and the truest rotation of any rotor being built. These rotors fit the popular 3 x 5.00" mount bolt circle found on most sprint and midget front hubs. Wilwoods engineered drill slot pattern combines the highest degree of weight reduction with the highest resistance to thermal distortion in the contact faces. You get smooth engagement and a consistent full pedal from the low knock-back characteristics of this design. A durable black anodized finish prevents corrosion and simplifies the visual inspection of the contact faces. The best results are always achieved using PolyMatrix Q compound brake pads with these rotors.

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