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A System Approach to Protection Engine Protection

Joe Gibbs Driven recommends a system approach to engine protection. Just like using primer, sealer and base color in automotive paint, the Joe Gibbs Driven “system” of lubricants provides layers of protection for your performance engine and flat-tappet camshaft.

The Joe Gibbs Driven Engine Assembly Grease provides active chemistry to protect critical components like camshafts and push rod tips on initial start-up. Joe Gibbs Driven BR Break-In oil provides high levels of  Zinc anti-wear and engine protection for flat-tappet lifters during break-in, and it promotes ring seal. Establishing the Zinc anti-wear film in your engine extends the life of engine parts to increase engine protection.

The XP series of synthetic racing oils adds race proven friction modifiers to lower engine temperatures and increase horsepower and give you better engine protection. The Joe Gibbs Hot Rod oils provide US Military specification rust & corrosion inhibitors to protect engines during winter storage. This unique system of lubricants works together to provide the right protection, in the right places, at the right time. Every Joe Gibbs Driven Lubricant is designed to compliment the other Joe Gibbs Driven lubricants – offering unmatched engine protection and creating a synergistic effect where the whole protective package is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Using different brands of assembly lube, break-in oil and race oil may not yield this effect.

For best results, use Joe Gibbs Driven Engine Assembly grease to pre-lube engine components prior to initial start-up. Use Joe Gibbs Driven BR Break-In oil for the break-in period, and then switch to either the Joe Gibbs XP series of racing oils for competition use or Joe Gibbs Hot Rod oil for street and performance use.

Joe Gibbs Driven recommends the right oil for your application. After reading about engine protection. Check out these links to better improve your engine maintenance program to save you money.

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