Clutch Testing & Repair

Don’t miss a lap, use our clutch repair services! Whenever you have the motor out of the car, get the clutch checked. It saves you time, money, and it just makes sense. We can inspect, torque test, and check for release on your clutch. If it works on our test stand it will work in your car. Clutch testing & inspection is $25 per unit, testing fee can be waved if unit needs repair parts and clutch repair parts are purchased through Behling Racing at that time. With exception for extreme emergency we require 2-3 days to complete our clutch service. Don’t forget to bring in or ship the flywheel with your clutch. Blow the dust and debris off the clutch and reassemble it exactly as it was on the motor, then bring it in for inspection, test, and repair if necessary.

Typical Inspection includes

• Spring tension test of clutch cover
• Checking of clutch disc(s), floater plate(s), pressure plate, and flywheel for maximum wear tolerances
• Checking floater plate(s), pressure plate, and flywheel for warping
• Spline wear and fatigue
• Torque test clutch to make sure it meets factory specifications
• Check for smooth and proper release and engagement of clutch to ensure maximum performance and longevity